Dev-Softwares is the leading company among all mobile application development company. Dev-Softwares provides you mobile application for the various platforms like android, iOS, Windows etc. Dev-Softwares works for the every range of the business level, large scale as well as small scale. We are working with the great experience in mobile application development.

Benefit of owing an application

There are various benefits:

  • Dynamic, interactive and personalized way to serve
  • Combination of backend and frontend
  • Combination of payments gateways
  • Simple and fast

Why we?

Because we have:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Research on taste and preferences of end users
  • Analysis of demographic and economic factors
  • Strategic issues in digital marketing
  • Omni channel system
  • Preference of inexpensive applications over the expensive ones

Android app development

By the help of our developed android application, we will provide the complete solution across the world. We have developed many applications for the enhancement in the growth of the customer’s business.

Custom App development

A highly customer oriented application is needed as it exhibits your business online. We give our first-rated services as per the needs of our reputable clients. We are not only providing custom development services but allowing you to develop a virtual relationship between you and your client

IPad App development

Widely usable gadgets in these days are IPad. It has created a unique place across the world. With Dev-Softwares we develop the app for the iPad so that one can carry as much application for their iPad in their pocket

Phone Gap development

PhoneGap is a software development structure which is used to make mobile applications.