Dev-Softwares creates the software services and aims to do business by a various software outsourcing program. The software development points a simple approach to personalize software and functions based on web. We have the potential to fulfill the needs of our customers in short range of time. Comprehensive resources cut the functional congestion. Manual processes are not acceptable enough to attain any goal in this merciless world. High Technology permitted ads up the speed and cost regularly.

What we provide

  • Entire types of services for business
  • Services for web application and design services
  • Unique and simple web solutions for B2B and B2C
  • Top E- commerce solutions
  • Software Development and application
  • Designing of website and architecture
  • Assessment of the quality of the product

We hold maximum prowess in observing the project and our main aim is to attain the goal. The solver used by our experts is especially conscientious and proven to define, design and develop software. The techniques working here are always working to change the customer's dream into reality. The software development is all set to put its first step with the Software Outsourcing globally.

Global audiences are served as:

  • Proficient in the usage of high technology
  • Brace in advanced technology
  • Management techniques and execution
  • A team of highly qualified professionals
  • 24/7 services

Our provided software development services:

  • Programming Languages
  • Technologies
  • Wireless / Mobile
  • Database / RDBMs
  • Operating Systems / Platforms
  • Applications / Web Servers
  • Programming & Other Tools
  • Design, Testing & Configuration: Software Engineering
  • Multimedia Development

ASP.Net development

It is a consolidate Web Development model that indulged with important works to develop enterprise-class Web applications with a minimum of coding. It assists the customer to code the applications in any language.

Custom web development:

A professional outlook of a website is needed as it exhibits your business online. We give our first-rated services as per the needs of our reputable clients. We are not only providing custom development services but allowing you to develop a virtual relationship between you and your client

Share point Portal development services

Portal and websites are taken alike which is not true. For victory of online business one should be clear with this variance. A web portal can be said as 'resources under a single roof' which means it is a combination of varied detail which can be accessible by a single hit. It fortifies to be user friendly. Dev-Softwares provides portal development services to expanded needs of clients.

Testing and QA Affirmation

We yield our customer with a unified product as the quality is the priority. There is regular checking of quality of the product for the satisfaction of the customer. Manual and automatic testing will be done regularly by our experts.